Tracy Pearce

Call Dino. He’s the realtor who will help you get exactly what you want. He’s done this for my husband and me twice now. Six years ago, when first-time buyers like us faced a hostile market and first-time homebuyer tax incentives did not exist, Dino helped us find the perfect condo to suit our needs, in our price range, and in an excellent location. He stood by us every step of the way, offering sound advice and helping us sort out all the vagaries of homebuying. Most recently, this past July, when it came time to sell our condo and find a larger home in the suburbs for our expanding family, we called upon Dino again. Long story short, our condo was sold at a price that made us a respectable profit and we made an offer that was accepted on our dream house within record time: 10 days. The reason things went so smoothly for us is that Dino works extremely hard for his clients. He did the necessary research on the comparable properties in the area in order to propose an appropriate, yet aggressive price for our condo. The open house Dino set up had an outstanding turnout and was handled with remarkable efficiency and flair. In addition, every step of the way, from the beginning of our house search to the closing, we could count on Dino’s expertise, reliability, and support. Dino’s professionalism is also supplemented by his great sense of humor, sociable demeanor, and compassionate listening skills. He’s someone you can really work with in this not-always-easy process of buying and selling a home. It is essential to have a realtor you can trust -- someone like Dino -- keeping track of all the details and guiding you along. Thank you, Dino!


- Tracy Pearce

Acton, MA

Don Morrissey

You are one great real estate agent and we are very appreciative of all the work you did relative to the sale of our home.  This was a special sale as the home has been in our family for 100 years.  Not just the routine agent stuff but all the extra time, coordinating with contractors, getting us estimates, scheduling work, you were great and we are truly grateful.  We have bought and sold seven houses since we've been married with a bunch of short-term rentals thrown in, none of our former agents did all that you did on our behalf. Thank you Dino.
- Don Morrissey
 Gilford, NH